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AST encourages you to maintain good Cyber Hygiene with the Center for Internet Security's
toolkits. According to the Center for Internet Security, the Cyber Hygiene Campaign is a
low-cost program that any organization can adopt to achieve immediate and effective defenses
against cyber attacks.

Count: Know what's connected to your network
Configure: Implement key security settings to help protect your system
Control: Limit and manage those who have administrative privileges to change, bypass,
or override your security settings
Patch: Regularly update all applications, software, and operating systems
Repeat: Regularize to form a solid foundation of cyber security for your organization

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Danielle Alvarez, Chief Information Security OfficerThe Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Danielle Alvarez (bio), reports
to the State of Florida’s Deputy Chief Information Officer and supports the
execution of the mission of the Agency for State Technology (AST).  The CISO
provides strategic direction for information security initiatives and develops
information technology (IT) security best practices and policy for the State of

The CISO is also responsible for establishing partnerships with the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement, MS-ISAC, and numerous additional
entities to enhance security awareness, strengthen infrastructure resiliency,
and build a more secure IT climate for the state of Florida.









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