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Service Name Billable
Billing Methodology Service Targets Estimated Delivery Time Service Description
Data Protection Service Gigabytes Written/ Month % of Service Use 95% of scheduled backup jobs being serviced by the Service Provider’s standard backup environment will be successful in a monthly period 1 business day (following approval of service order and independent of other services) Provides backup of protected Customer data for the purpose of system and data recovery (not records retention), and data protection reporting for Customer visibility. The Service Provider will plan, schedule, and implement standard backup and recovery processes. The retention period for backup data is 6 weeks for scheduled backups. All backups are retained off-site in a secured facility, using either encrypted tape transport services or encrypted data replication. Restoration for system recovery within the 6-week retention timeframe is included in this service.
Customers may request additional retention beyond 6 weeks by subscribing to the Data Archival Service.
Certain customer-side DNS configurations are required to utilize this service. These settings – which include proper host name and PTR records for reverse lookup – help to ensure client-backup server security and enable backups to occur. Customers without the proper DNS configuration will be notified by the Service Provider and provided instructions to remedy the issue. Until DNS is fully configured, the service level agreements for this service may not be honored, and systems may be unprotected.
Data Archival Service Gigabytes Stored/Month % of Service Use 95% of scheduled archive jobs of supported operating systems will be successful in a monthly period 1 business day (following approval of service order and independent of other services) Provides long-term retention of Customer data beyond the native six weeks included in the Data Protection Service (or the native object-based snapshot retention period) to meet various compliance or business requirements. Retention increments are in periods of 6 months. Archives may take the form of storage to tape, or cloud-based storage services.
Restorations will be considered a Direct Service.
For Fiscal Year 2017-18, all Data Protection Service customers with jobs currently scheduled to retain data beyond 6 weeks will automatically be enrolled in this service. The default retention will be 18 months, but can be revised by request through the Service Provider’s Service Desk.












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