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Category: Managed Applications

Service Name Billable
Billing Methodology Service Targets Estimated Delivery Time Service Description
Hosted Messaging Archive Service GB of Storage /Month % of Service Use 99.5% uptime in a monthly period 7 business days (following approval of service request and independent of other services) The Hosted Messaging Archive Service provides storage for messages archived from the Hosted Messaging Service previously provided at AST.
This service has been sunsetted.
Citrix Peak Concurrent Users / Month % of Service Use 99.5% uptime in a monthly period New Citrix hosting will be available on a case-by-case basis. For existing Citrix customers, the normal Service Request response times apply. Provides support for remote access and central application deployment for Customers in a shared, highly available configuration, while providing capability for dedicated application servers for each entity. Service includes installation, administration, support, licensing, and maintenance of the Citrix environment. The service maintains three (3) tiers; Development, Test/Quality Assurance, and Production for full application life cycle management. This provides the Customer the flexibility to test applications prior to deploying to production. All three (3) tiers are designed to be highly available.
Customer applications deployed remain the responsibility of the Customer.










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