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Service Name Billable
Billing Methodology Service Targets Estimated Delivery Time Service Description
Windows Capacity Unit Capacity Units (CU) / Month % of Service Use This service was born out a need for cost allocation and is not a measurable service. 3 business days (Adding or removing capacity units may require a server reboot. Delivery time for these changes will be dependent on an available maintenance window for the server.) Provides processing capacity as required to support the associated Windows Managed Server Service. Capacity Units are sold in quantities of memory and processing power, specifically gigabytes of RAM and GHz of CPU. Minimums apply. Customers requiring dedicated physical hardware must provide justification and, if approved, will be billed for all the compute resources present within the server.
Windows Managed Server Windows Server Units (SU) / Month % of Service Use Windows Managed Server will be available 99.5% of the scheduled availability in a monthly period (the number of minutes in a month minus planned downtime). Actual scheduled availability (minutes) minus reported downtime (minutes) divided by scheduled availability (minutes). 10 business days* (following approval of service order and independent of other services). Provides hosting of a Windows-based server OS instance, and includes OS licenses and support, OS configuration and tuning, OS patch management in standard maintenance window, 24x7 core system monitoring, compliance/security management, and anti-virus protection. Capacity Unit, Storage, Data Protection (backup), and Network Unit services are required and covered under separate offerings.
The Service Provider is responsible for ensuring the overall health and availability of the server hardware, operating system and basic network connectivity. Application-layer management responsibility is maintained by the Customer with optional Service Provider support.

* This includes both simple and complex builds with or without SQL or Microsoft Clustering. Simple builds are typically delivered in less than 5 days. Infrastructure dependencies outside of the full control of AST may adversely affect delivery time. These dependencies include but are not limited to agency firewalls, agency network routing and IP address management, and agency Active Directory domain access. Unless an exception is filed and granted, a server cannot be delivered without anti-virus protection, data protection services, or the AST system management tool(s) installed.





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